Message from President

Tareq Mahmud

Dept. of Public Health and Informatics

 48th Batch
President, JUSC


Jahangirnagar University Science Club is the largest campus-based science platform of Bangladesh. It has been working to spread the beauty of science to the university community as well as in the global arena since its inception in 2005. The organization achieved a respectable number of diversified dimensions with quality leadership over the years.

As a president of this organization, I am committed to add some new positive dimensions with the existing structure of the club. I gladly show respect to my beloved fellows who always think about the betterment of the club, chalks out ingenious plans and formulates how to implement the plans to make the club more advanced.

My fellows are my source of courage and confidence. They have enough potential to conquer the world, to lead the world, and to rebuild the world efficiently. I feel honored working as a guide of these enthusiastic scientifically minded people.

I am thankful to my fellow guys for their continuous support and look forward to working together for an even brighter future.


Message from Secretary

Md. Al-Mamun

Department of Mathematics

48th Batch
General Secretary, JUSC



As the newly appointed Secretary of the Jahangirnagar University Science Club, I am honored to be part of the largest campus-based science platform in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2005, the club has been dedicated to spreading the beauty of science within our university community and globally. The organization’s diversified dimensions and history of quality leadership form the groundwork for our continued success.

In my role as Secretary, I am committed to introducing new positive dimensions to complement the existing structure of the club. I respect and appreciate my fellow members who consistently strive for the betterment of the club, devising ingenious plans and working towards their implementation to advance the club further.

My colleagues are not just sources of inspiration but also my pillars of courage and confidence. I believe in their potential to not only excel in the scientific realm but also to lead and contribute to the efficient rebuilding of our world. It is an honor to guide these enthusiastic, scientifically-minded individuals.

I extend my sincere thanks to my fellow members for their continuous support, and I eagerly anticipate working collaboratively towards a brighter future for the Jahangirnagar University Science Club. Thank you.